Tennis Elite has a comprehensive range of tennis programmes which can be delivered at your private residence or arranged at our location. Whether you would like to take a private lesson, join a group class, have a social play or challenge yourself in a match against a Tennis Pro, we can offer something for everyone.


Private lessons are the best option if you would like to have a customised programme plan that is designed for your specific needs. Whether you would like to focus more on technique, tactics, shot selection, fitness and conditioning or anything else, this will ensure you become a better player. If you would like to share a lesson with your family or friends, we offer private lessons for a small group of up to 4 people. Private coaching offers more flexibility as you can select your own day and time for lessons which is ideal if you often travel or have unpredictable schedule. As a supplemental option, we also offer private lessons with video analyses to give you more detailed report and expert advice on how to improve your game.
Tennis clinics are a fantastic way to improve your tennis and meet new people of a similar playing ability. Our classes are limited to 2-4 players per group and run at different times throughout the week from 1 to 2 hours in duration depending on the level of each class. The lesson format for each session can vary depending on dynamics, group standard, learning styles of the students and much more. However, it would normally begin with a warm up followed by live-ball and/or fed-ball drills with a focus on the specific topic (for example, doubles strategy, footwork, technique, etc) and completed with a number of games and match play where all players can put their gained skills into practise. Tennis is a complex sport which requires players to have multiple skills and our goal is to improve your game from all different approaches in order to achieve desirable results. 
Beginners and Recreational Level Clinics are perfect for those who have never played tennis or not played for many years. You will be taken through a series of lessons to learn the basic understanding of technique and introduced to a number of games to keep lessons fun and productive. 
Intermediate and Advanced Level Clinics are ideal for those who already have sound technique, consistency and some match experience but would like to raise their game to the next level. You will work more on singles and doubles strategies, shot selection, fitness and conditioning and learn about the psychological aspects of the game.
For those who would like to play social tennis, make new friends and just have a good time, we provide a complimentary service by putting players of a similar ability in touch with one other. This provides opportunities for social games of singles or doubles, outside of regular lessons, in a friendly setting to assist in the progress of your game.
Would you like to challenge yourself in a match against a Tennis Pro? Or how about playing a game of doubles with your partner or a friend against two Pros? It is a great way of testing your limits, in a competitive format and having a high intensity cardio work out. If you manage to “Beat the Pro” a complimentary 'revenge' match will be offered!
Tennis Elite organises numerous events throughout the year, which include tennis tournaments, regular social games, tennis holiday retreats and much more. Upon special requests, we can set up additional tennis events which can range from corporate to individual. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will arrange it for you.
Looking for a special and unique gift idea? Delight your friends and loved ones with the “Gift of Tennis”, available upon request.