Alexey was introduced to tennis by his father at the age of 6, who noticed his son’s natural athletic talent. Tennis quickly become the passion of Alexey’s life and at the age of 16, he was already one of the top ranked junior players in the country, representing Russia in numerous international tennis tournaments and winning several of these.


Alexey is a fully qualified Tennis Professional under Tennis Canada, Professional Tennis Registry, Hong Kong Tennis Association and the Russian Tennis Federation. He has 15 years coaching experience of both adults and juniors, varying from complete beginners to internationally ranked tennis players. Alexey spent many years travelling around the world sharing his love and passion for tennis. He has lived in St. Petersburg, London, Dubai, Kuwait, Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and has also held a variety of responsibilities, ranging from Tennis Professional to Director of Tennis at some of the world’s finest clubs, resorts and professional tennis academies.


In 2008, Alexey moved to Hong Kong to join the biggest private tennis club, ‘Ladies’ Recreation Club’. His responsibilities included overseeing the adult league and tennis clinic programme with over 300 players, as well as coaching and running successful club tennis events. Upon receiving permanent residency in Hong Kong, Alexey has established Tennis Elite, with the aim of providing the most unparalleled service and tennis coaching experience.





“Alexey is a rare and most valuable find in Hong Kong: he is an extraordinarily skilled and patient coach in a market that often offers students little in the way of genuine attention and investment in a player’s development and progress.

All three of our young children were coached by Alexey, and they have emerged with a love and respect for the game that has spilled into a similarly positive attitude to the other sports that they play. To be clear, Alexey has high expectations of his students, and the children are willing to apply the concentration and effort that he requires of them, and will quickly develop the elegant and effective technique that is Alexey’s trademark.

Alexey is a thoughtful coach, who analyses his students’ shots, game and overall abilities, developing lesson plans that are intended to augment his players’ skills, as well as gradually correct any habits that may be hindering their progress to the next level. He is a coach and a player who appears to be constantly examining the game on the international pro circuit, so that he hones in and adjusts his own approach, passing this knowledge onto his students.

We noticed that all the children - no matter how young - were aware of why they were practising the way that they were, as well as what goals they were hoping to achieve. There is a real sense of progress and passion in the children who train with Alexey.

Of course, coaching adult students is one of his most apparent strengths. He takes on beginners as well as seasoned players of all levels, and succeeds in developing their confidence, abilities and passion for the game. Alexey is particularly effective at articulating analysis and explanation of shots as well as "match mentality", which makes for a very efficient way in order for adults to learn and self-correct.

We have since moved from Hong Kong to an area that arguably boasts one of the most successful tennis communities in this country, and we are very pleased to say that Alexey has prepared us well for this transition."

Lisa G.


“I've taken Alexey's tennis clinics first as an Intermediate and later as an Advanced Player. The clinic has been a huge part of the progress I have made in my tennis game. Alexey is a wonderful and very talented coach. He keeps stretching you to achieve your best and continuously improve. He is also sensitive to different players’ abilities and their desire to improve.

There are many things I love about Alexey's clinic in addition to the above. For example, the combination of focus on technical skill and physical movement. The variety of drills. The passion and enthusiasm that Alexey brings to every single class I have ever attended. The direct one-on-one advice of how to improve. The competitive, yet friendly environment and his warm and friendly personality.

Needless to say, I'm a very big fan and I would strongly recommend Alexey's coaching for any interested players - beginners, intermediate or advanced!”

Camilla D.


“I have been coaching with Alexey for several years privately as well as attending his clinics, both of which have been my best tennis coaching experiences. Alexey has a lovely manner, extremely professional and very encouraging at all times. The lessons are always well-planned and he is very methodical and breaks down the process of learning to avoid them becoming overwhelming. Besides always striving to improve my technique, I have learnt a lot about strategy and game play. Every session becomes a useful addition to my skills and there is never a dull moment. Both my children and husband have gained a lot of skills training with Alexey as well.”

Manisha S.


“From a total rookie in tennis doubles, Alexey has taught me the fundamentals of doubles strategy and tactical moves, and helped me to become a competitive league player. I've always enjoyed Alexey's tennis clinics, which are well-structured and well-balanced between technical and tactical.”

Esther C.


“I have been coached by Alexey for the past 5+ years either in a group of three other people, or additionally in my weekly private session with him.

He always has a "plan" formulated instantly upon your arrival for the coaching, so after a few demo's or graphic display of tennis balls on the court floor, everything is ready to start for an hour or two of excellent tennis tutoring. My favourite part is the last 30 minutes of the two-hour session, where everyone has a doubles partner and we all play a few games using the skills we've all been working on during the previous one and a half hours.

Alexey is very knowledgeable in the sport, and makes learning tennis a joy. I have had lots of tennis coaches over the years, but Alexey supersedes all the rest, with his patience, excellent guidance, and very pleasant personality.”

Marlene W.


“Alexey is an outstanding coach and educator. I am constantly amazed at his ability to teach consistently and clearly while mixing up drills, technique tuition, game practice and exercise. I am never bored, it's always fun and my game has changed out of all recognition. As a business operator, Alexey is also unusually on his game: reliable, responsive, always thinking about added value, and full of positive energy. An hour with Alexey on court is one of the highlights of my week. I can't recommend him highly enough.”

Simon P.


“My two children and I have all had the pleasure of having Alexey coach us at tennis on a regular basis. Alexey is always professional and courteous, always arriving punctually at the court. His lessons always develop our skills and agility and are conducted in such a manner that we are constantly having a great time. Thus, we always look forward to our lessons with him. Our skills as players have improved rapidly, in a very short length of time.

It is very clear that Alexey is a highly trained professional who has a passion for his job. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone seeking a kind, highly motivating coach.”

Colleen O.


“I have known Alexey, as my tennis coach, for the last 4 - 6 years. While he is clearly a professional who pushes you to achieve your best, what amazes me is his innate ability to understand one's personal style of play and encourage the player to focus on their strengths and give the confidence not to be bogged down by their weaknesses. He is definitely the coach to go for if you are looking for steady improvement in your game and clearly understand that change takes time and you have to put in the hours to achieve consistency.

He carefully crafts a routine of skill building and live match play to suit the group and the individual. I have learnt to stay positive and to know that it ain't over till it is over especially when one is trailing behind and to not give up!

His encouraging and enabling attitude has worked wonders for me to stay focused and improve.”

Soundari M.


“Our daughter, Emma, started her very first experience in tennis last summer when she was seven years old. We selected a private programme with Alexey at Tennis Elite for her. Much beyond our expectations, Emma has progressed impressively since her first lesson with Alexey. Just after a few months of lessons, Emma was not only able to perform many basic tennis skills confidently but actually enjoyed tennis as a sport! Now, Emma can't have a week without her tennis lesson!! Alexey's fun and effective approaches in coaching the young players and the thorough explanations to the parents after each lesson had made this programme a rewarding experience for us.”

Belle S.


“I have been in Alexey's classes both for the group clinics and private lessons for years. In all of these times, he managed to make all the classes fun and interesting. Alexey not only teaches how to hit the ball, play the game, but also explains the tactics and strategy. He always prepares for his teaching ahead of time. Always on time, and always responsible. His energy brings out the class' energy as well. His level of professionalism is of a high standard. I cannot be happier to have him as my tennis coach.”

Kaesaree B.


“I have been coached by Alexey for 8 years in group and private lessons. In fact, he taught me how to play tennis at the grand age of 40! In those 8 years, he has been a dynamic, creative, energetic, kind and supportive coach who always comes to the lesson with a new idea that has obviously been prepared for your individual tennis beforehand. What I really enjoy about our lessons is his involvement in my tennis; he is definitely not the kind of coach who just stands and feeds balls. Alexey has also taught my children to a high level of tennis and they too have enjoyed his lessons thoroughly. I look forward to our weekly lessons and improving my tennis further with Alexey.”

Melanie T.